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Stories from Desert Bob's Reptile Ranch, collection by Robert E Vardeman, cover: Terry Halladay Short Fiction:

Short story collection:

  • Stories from Desert Bob's Reptile Ranch 2007

    Original Anthologies:

  • "Her Faith is Fixtd" in Steamy Steampunk Stories 2011

  • "Avian Evisceration Device" in Career Guide to Your Job in Hell 2010
  • "The Transmogrification Ray" in Steampunked edited by Jean Rabe 2010
  • "Timeless Lisa" in Timeshares edited by Jean Rabe 2010
  • "Jack and the Genetic Beanstalk," in Terribly Twisted Tales edited by Jean Rabe 2009
  • "To Cat, A Thief," in Catopolis, edited by Janet Pack-Dever 2008
  • "Vandals Part 1" and "Vandals Part 2" in Uncanny Encounters: Roswell, with Nick Refern, Stephen D Sullivan and Jean Rabe 2008
  • "Like Birds to the Air, and Fishes to the Sea..." in Blue Kingdoms:Buxom Bucanneers, edited Stephen D Sullivan and Jean Rabe 2008
  • Eating Vacuum," in Space Pirates, edited by David Lee Summers, 2008
  • "Tontine," in Sword and Sorceress XXII, edited by Elisabeth Waters 2007
  • "Wreckers" in Blue Kingdoms:Shades and Specters, edited Stephen D Sullivan and Jean Rabe 2007
  • "The Pirate and the Peach," in Sails & Sorcery, edited by WH Horner 2007
  • "The Coins of Darkun," in Pirates of the Blue Kingdoms, edited by Stephen D Sullivan and Jean Rabe 2007
  • "Purification," in Invasion!, edited by Marc Gascoigne 2007
  • "The Power and the Glory," in Time Twisters edited by Jean Rabe 2007
  • "Celestial Railroad," in Trails: Intriguing Stories of the Wild West edited by David B. Riley 2006
  • "A Time for Steel," in Renaissance Faire, edited by Jean Rabe, 2005
  • "Soul Juggler," in CD anthology Circus, edited by Jean Rabe, 2004
  • "Masterpiece," in CD anthology Carnival, edited by Jean Rabe, 2004
  • "Feedback," in Redshift, edited by Al Sarrantonio, 2001
  • "Middles," in Book of All Flesh, edited by James Lowder, 2001

  • "Isle of Lost Souls," in Pawn of Chaos, edited by Michael Moorcock & Edward Kramer, 1998
  • "Spectral Line," in Gothic Ghosts, Wendy Webb & Charles L. Grant, editors, 1997
  • "Festival of Sorrow," in MAGIC: The Gathering™: Distant Planes, Kathy Ice, editor, 1996
  • "Dragon Debt," in An Armory of Swords, Fred Saberhagen, editor, 1995
  • "A Gentle Breeze Blowing," in Monsters In Our Midst, Robert Bloch, editor, 1993
  • "Enduring Art," in Psycho Paths, Robert Bloch, editor, 1991
  • "Yesterday's Ghosts," in Copper Sun, Bruce D. Arthurs, editor, 1991
  • "Blood Lilies," in The Sea Harp Hotel, Charles L. Grant, editor, 1990, reprinted Voices 2010

  • "At the Bentnail Inn," in Doom City, Charles L. Grant, editor, 1987
  • "The Road of Death and Dreams," in Tales of the Witch World, edited by Andre Norton, 1987
  • "Used Books," in Greystone Bay,Charles L. Grant, editor, 1985
  • "Networking," in RAM: Random Access Messages of the Computer Age, Thomas F. Monteleone, editor, 1984

  • "The Mating Web,"in Swords Against Darkness III, Andrew J. Offutt, editor, 1978
  • "The Biological Revolution," co-author Jeff Slaten, in 2076: The American Tricentennial, Edward Bryant, editor, 1977


  • "Plow and Sword," Paizo 2011
  • "Star Fall," Kindle 2010
  • "On Wings of Plague," iTunes store 2009
  • "Wizard Eyes," iTunes store 2009
  • "Collider," iTunes store 2008
  • "Piraticals," iTunes store 2008
  • "Soul Juggler," iTunes store 2008
  • "Death's Master" & "The Poisoned Lands," iTunes store 2008 (together as Along the Feathered Road)
  • "Hostile Dark," iTunes store 2008
  • "Forbidden Names," iTunes store 2008
  • "Star Spirit," iTunes store 2008
  • "Burn the Sky," iTune store 2008
  • "Digitally Yours," in Desdmona 2006
  • "Godfire," in WayfarerOnline
  • "Torero" in WayfarerOnline


  • "Hostile Dark," Dragon Magazine, December 2002
  • "Under Triple Moons," in Adventures of Sword and Sorcery,Fall 1997
  • "Thief of Dreams," in Adventures of Sword and Sorcery, Winter 1996
  • "Incident on Park Bench 37," in Twilight Zone Magazine, March 1982
  • "The Opal Egg," in Sorcerer's Apprentice, Summer 1982
  • "Brother to Ghosts," in Sorcerer's Apprentice, Winter 1978
  • "The Jackals Below," co-author Dick Patten, in Void, Fall 1977


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